Thank you for visiting my site. Am I your kind of writer? Perhaps, if you like thoughtful writing about ordinary people who struggle for dignity and meaning in a complex world. I write about what I have experienced or learned.

My short stories hark back to my youth in Belgium. Family legends, such as the murder of my great–grandfather in the opening days of World War I, or my uncle’s crash in his Spitfire, had become shallow from frequent re-telling over the years. My stories delve back into history and try to recapture and convey the intensity of those events.

The Shadows Cast by a Falling Child, my yet–to–be–published first novel, has come out of three decades of working as a policy adviser in child protection and public mental health. It shows how vulnerable young people with mental health issues or in foster care can fall ‘through the net’ in spite of the best intentions of those charged with their care.

I’ll let you judge for yourself: you can read more about my writing on this site and maybe give Bait, my latest story, a try. And if you sign up to follow my blog you’ll be notified of new posts and publications. No spam, I promise.